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"I do not know myself how I paint it. I sit down with a white board before the spot that strikes me. I look at what is before my eyes, and say to myself, that white board must become something".~ Vincent Van Gogh


How your art is digitally captured is critical to the ultimate quality of your giclée prints and reproductions. The first and most crucial step is scanning the art to be printed when embarking on the process of giclée printing. The highest quality and the most accurate reproduction of the artist's intent is my primary focus when working with clients on their fine art reproductions.

A true reproduction requires state-of-the-art direct digital scanning camera system. The ultimate in image capture. As a working fine art photographer, it's important to me to have total control over every phase of creating fine art prints from the initial scan through post production. I specialize in image capture, art reproduction for the artist and publisher focusing on the replication of fine art from oil, acrylic, watercolors and original drawings. The art scanning services at my California studio demonstrate my no compromises approach to digital equipment and service.


PhaseOne FX Scanning BackPhaseOne FX Digital Scanning Back : With scanning resolutions up to an amazing 10,500 x 12,600 pixels. I capture every last detail of your artwork. At 416 Megapixels, It's the World's Highest Resolution Digital Scanning Camera. A digital art scan with the PhaseOne FX system will satisfy even the most demanding client.

A Pure Digital Master: Film processing, film color balance, and variables that can be introduced during the film scanning process can all degrade the quality of the final image file. A pure digital art scan from the PhaseOne FX scanning back eliminate the extra steps of scanning traditional 4x5 film. Your artwork is captured as a pure digital master. ( High - Definition Samples.)

Sinar X The Capture System : My studio is equipped with a Sinar X 4 x 5 precision view camera that is mated with the PhaseOne FX high resolution digital scanning back, and North Light HID Copy Lights that sports the latest technology. There are no disappointments, only pleasant surprises. This is technology at its very best.

Whenever possible, I prefer to handle art scanning in my california studio with my digital system built around the PhaseOne FX high-resolution 4 x 5 digital camera scanning back. Considered by museums like the Museum of Modern Art to be the finest technology available for capturing priceless works of art.

The PhaseOne FX scanning back can digitally capture the most subtle details without the extra step of shooting and processing film. Artwork in sizes up to 5' x 7' are mounted on my grand format copy system and expertly lit with the North Light HID Copy Lights.


Asymmetrical and Cross Polarization Lighting : Oil paintings in particular have structure, brushstrokes and depth to the paint. If not expertly lit and captured professionally, there is little chance the Giclée will resemble the original artwork. For those of you who have had professional transparencies or slides made of artwork with reflective surfaces, you've undoubtedly noticed thousands of dots of reflected light.

By using asymmetrical and cross polarization lighting, I capture the original texture in your fine art, using polarized material over my special North Light HID copy lights and then a polarizing filter on the lens, I cancel the effect of the sparkles and capture the full color depth and values of the artwork. This setup requires very powerful lights to adjust for the polarizing filtration from both sources. The result is actually better than you can see the artwork in real life display situations.

Protection : The North Light HID 900 Copy Light System is specially designed for Fine Art Reproduction. In addition to low operating temperatures these high intensity lights have low ultraviolet and infrared levels so your artwork is safe. These lights meet Museum Standards for Conservation.

Gretag Macbeth Color CheckerColor Matching and Consistency : The capturing process includes a (Gretag Macbeth Colorchecker chart ) along with the original art. This is a key component for color accuracy and consistency. The chart provides a set of known reference colors which can then be used as an adjustment standard.

Laser Alignment : When I capture your original artwork, I use a sophisticated laser sighting and optical tool, to ensure that the art surface is exactly parallel to the camera scanning back. Even the focusing process is done with digital feedback to guarantee perfect detail.

Artwork Large and Small : I can capture art pieces as large as 5 feet by 7 feet in a single scan. Even larger art can be scanned by capturing it in sections and then stitching them together using special software. Artwork as small as 4" across can be scanned with lots of detail to allow for dramatic enlargements.

Uncompromising Quality : Ultimately, the best reason to use the "PhaseOne FX" system is for its uncompromising quality. There is no such thing as film grain. Colors that are missed and subtleties that are lost with film are all picked up using the "PhaseOne FX" system. The art scans are breathtaking and leave you shaking your head in amazement.

For information on Digital Fine Art Scan pricing, or questions about my Fine Art Services please email or call me.


Privacy Statement : I pride myself on honouring and respecting the integrity of copyrights at all times. Due to my long established association and knowledge of the fine art industry, I would like to assure you that Graham Editions will never reproduce any of your copyrighted images without your instructions or express permission.

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